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Be. Do. Live.™ “Get There Faster” Truth + Clarity Sessions
In our personal lives, “stuck” is probably one of the most lonely feelings we experience. When you’re finally exhausted it can feel as scary as spinning out into a ditch on a muddy, backwoods road. Truth + Clarity Sessions are about drilling down to what’s really in your way to getting what you want and how to get there faster. The good news is, you actually already know. Reach out and let’s get acquainted.
Your Big Ideas + Big Reality
The North Arrow Consultants are inspired visionaries who really love jumping into your vision and helping you get message clarity as you bring your dream to the world. We love hearing about your publishing and change-the-world business ideas–and these sessions give back in assets! Every idea, tagline, title, and strategy that hits the air during your recorded session is yours to keep, copyright, trademark or patent. Schedule your confidential “Here’s My Idea” discovery-feedback session and get growing!
Be. Do. Live.™ Training & Growth Experiences
We make an impression. North Arrow Journeys is the “on stage” area of our company that presents fresh experiential learning projects developed by The North Arrow. You want change? We’ve got your change. 
Would you like a custom-designed experience for your team? Schedule a free 30-minute call and tell us about your goals + a quick “what’s working and what’s not working” conversation.
Be. Do. Live.™ Keynote + Interactive Presentations
Each subjectmatter expert and author featured at The North Arrow brings powerfully engaging aspects to each event, seminar or workshop audience they serve. Every presenter is a passionate professional whose messages add value, inspiration and thought-provoking content to your programming. Our speakers have innovative and powerful ideas to share with audiences who are ready to grow.
Keynote + Interactive Presentations: Terms and Event Pricing Information Available Via Agent | Non-Profit Considerations Available

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