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Because you believe there is more.



Did you know? Interactive Experience Trainings are the fastest way to inspire lasting and meaningful change.

How to Align Your intention with Desired Results with high-leverage action

Combine What You Know with what You WANT to break-through to the best-possible outcomes

• Recognize Barriers and Re-Calculating your Pathways to break through and reach your potential

• Break Through Barriers and start choosing the life you were always meant to live

This means more freedom, vibrance, growth and prosperity . . .

which means you’ll have more to give.

Leaders and visionaries from every stage of life want the same thing: To know their lives and their efforts are making a difference. Clarity + Focus + Connection = Mission Acceleration.  The North Arrow’s Break-Through Faster™ training series can help you uncover what it is that you really want, and what is holding you back. If you’re tired of beating back the passionate voices that have been begging you to bust out of your current frame and break-through to the life you know, deep down, you were meant to live, submit your request for a free 20-minute, string-free, one-to-one call here.



Everybody hates Death by Slides and Boxed Lunch Seminars.

Doing the same things and expecting better or different results is crazy. Ask Dr. Phil and he’ll tell you the same thing.

Let’s do something different this time. No awkward bowling or scavenger hunt parties, don’t call the Dry Eye Guy again, and for the love of Pete, if you expect big results and every person on your team to appreciate a zip-lining Fear Factor retreat–you might as well start expecting your dog to give himself a pedicure.

They’re just not that into it.

If you want your teams to work together like a vibrant, well-orchestrated show, you’ve got to do something different. When teams level-up, companies level-up and Interactive Experience Trainings are the fastest way to inspire lasting and meaningful change.

You want change? We’ve got your change.

When you’re ready, schedule a quick discovery call with you for a customized corporate, small business, or non-profit team trainings. Let’s do this. 



Get Untangled | WOMEN ELEVATE™

• Identify and Untangle your the brilliant Truths and live more fully in the life you were meant to live

• Discover your hidden blocks and realize the freedom of unlocking your Truth

• Learn how hard Truth doesn’t always have to hurt

• Experience breakthrough real-life exercises that will change the way you see yourself (and others) forever