Because you believe there is more.

North Arrow Press

Introducing, our publishing division! The North Arrow Press publishes print and digital media for business and personal growth training and development. We believe there is more to designing and discovering your passionate purpose than 7 Habits or having a Rich Dad’s guide, which is why we publish help resources that bring to life what we believe in most–Truth, Trust and the Power of Real. We love hearing about your publishing and change-the-world book + how-to guide ideas. Schedule your confidential “Here’s My Idea” discovery session here.


Get There Faster

One-to-One consultations can get you there faster, drilling down to you ultimate vision and begin to blaze that trail.  North Arrow Sessions can help you reveal what it is that you really want, and what’s been holding you back. It’s not therapy and it’s not rocket science . . . it’s just Truth. If you’re tired of beating back the passionate voices that have been begging you to bust out of your current frame and break-through to the life you know, deep down, you were meant to live,  submit your request for a free 30-minute, string-free, one-to-one call here.

Big Training

You want better results? We can help you get them–faster.  Forget binders and death-by-slides.  Our action-oriented discovery sessions and straight-talk feedback takes you straight to your powerful core. North Arrow Journeys is the “on stage” portion of our company presenting fresh experiential learning designs that meet you where you are. You want change? We’ve got your change.

Book your consultation for customized corporate + business team trainings, or submit your information below and you’ll be the first to know when registration opens for every new event.